Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Release Day Wednesday! Introducing "Precision!"

Yay! It's Release Day Wednesday and I have a new outfit for you to enjoy! Introducing "Precision" - a formal men's suit perfect for business or an evening out. This outfit has a truckload of options to it that the price of 400L$ is ridiculous! I honestly don't know why I'm not charging more for this outfit, especially since I completely hand painted this outfit and that took a lot of time and precision. (Hence the name! LOL) I considered putting a higher price on this but didn't want to mess with the whole 400L$ theme so the price stays! Maybe I'll change my mind, but right now it is what it is. :)

SLURL for the *Just BECAUSE* store -
Annie Melson

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FREE Gift to Group Members!

Celebrate the holidays in style! *Just BECAUSE* is offering it's very first Group Member Gift! Celebrate the holidays this year with a new outfit! Perfect for both Christmas and New Years! The outfits are not transferable so these outfits are exclusively for group members. It is my gift to you, my dear group members! Make it over to my store to receive your special holiday gift today! Once the holidays are over, this gift will no longer be available. 

SLURL for the *Just BECAUSE* store -

Saturday, December 11, 2010

3 New Releases!

So regardless of my stretched screen images I am postings these anyway. I don't know if they will look off or not. I tried to compensate for the distortion, but since I can't really see the finished outcome from anyone else's screens there is no way for me to know if I succeeded or only just made it worse LOL! I'll have to rely on your response for that. :) So please let me know how it turned out!

*Casual Affluence* is an ultra cool Sport Coat and Jeans outfit. This outfit comes with so many options that you can create several outfits out of it, mix and match with other outfits in your inventory, go more casual, or have a more business casual look. You men won't want to miss out on this outfit. It's perfect for clubbing, business, and everything in between! This outfit would make a perfect gift for any man in your life!

*Tattered (men's)* is a torn and tattered outfit for those who want to go grunge or just have a little fun! A torn and tattered T-shirt with prim sleeves can be worn with a black tank top underneath or without for a sexy look! The black jeans are very detailed with a bunch of tears, rips, and shreds.

*Tattered (women's)* is much like the men's Tattered version, but much more feminine! The torn and shredded T-shirt is a midriff and comes with a black bikini top that can be worn with or without the torn T-shirt over it, giving this outfit more versitility! The destroyed jeans top the look off!

So come on down to *Just BECAUSE* and see the quality for yourself! Remember that all of my outfits are Transferable so you can give them as gifts! And if you go to my store in world there are also gift boxes and bags available to make it that much easier for you. The boxes are quite special because they have a script in it that allows you to give a message to anyone who clicks it! :)

SLURL for the *Just BECAUSE* store -

NOW FOR SOME GOOD NEWS!! The company I bought the graphics card from is sending me a much better graphics card that is more expensive and will work for my system and I don't have to pay any extra for it!! Talk about awesome customer service! So everything is all good! The card was mailed out yesterday so I should get it next week sometime. :)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Ba Hum Bug! (but not at Christmas)

Frustration abounds. It looks like the new graphics card won't work in my system. :( So now I'm having to contact the people who I bought it from and see if we can make an exchange...or something! I don't know what to do. I am however going to just deal with things the way they are, stretched screen or not, because It's now been a month with no new clothing put in the store. This will simply NOT do. If I can ever get this fixed I'll just have to redo those pics for those items. Who knows? Maybe it won't look so bad anyway and I won't have to change them out. So I'm a bit frustrated and grumpy. And I say a Ba Hum Bug to computers! And in the spirit of Garfield the Cat, I think whoever develops these silly computers and the absurdity of computer parts ought to be taken out back and shot! :P LOL!
P.S. I found this picture of Garfield on the web AFTER I wrote my little rant. Too funny!! It's perfect!

Frustrated and ornery but still with a stitch of humor left,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Woohoo! A new men's outfit!

Woohoo! I just finished a new men's outfit today! It's called "Casual Affluence" and is perfect for any man for any occasion. Black sport coat, white button down shirt, blue jeans, and black tie! The cool thing about this outfit is that there are so many different options in which you can wear this outfit! I can't wait to show it to you!

Tomorrow I'm hoping that my new graphics card and power supply will show up. If it does then I'll be able to release these latest new outfits on my scheduled Wednesday Release Days! If not, I'll release them as soon as possible. But it shouldn't be much longer! :D

My next outfit planned is continuing for the men. I've been asked if I am going to create a formal suit so that will be my next project. :)


Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm sooo excited! As you know I have been having major problems with my computer. My graphics card is fritzing and distorting my screen, making it impossible to get pics of my new outfits. This has held me up now for over 2 weeks. I just ordered my new graphics card and power supply last night and I should have them in a week! Once I get them I will be able to get the pics of my newest outfits and finally release them! *Doing the happy dance!* So soon I will be back up and running releasing new outfits for all of you!

I am also preparing for The Great Mitten Hunt in SL! I worked on my Mitten Hunt gift this past week and I know you are going to love it! And while it is a great gift by itself, I don't think I'm done with it yet. I think this mitten has more room to fill. :D But this is the cool part - *Just BECAUSE* was chosen to be the starting location for the hunt!!!! I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this! Hunts are so much fun! I used to have a lot of fun hunting back when I was first in SL, so to be actually a part of one is exciting! And to be the first location is beyond words! The hunt starts December 21st. Make sure you can come out and join it! Hunts are addicting and fun, plus you get really cool free items! And I'm going to start the hunt off with a super good gift too. :)

Okay, back to the grind stone! Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


 *Just BECAUSE is bringing in the holiday season by having a Black Friday special just like RL! I'm slashing prices on all of my new clothing line at my in-world store location! Come get brand new, highly detailed clothing for only 100L$ instead of the normal 300L$ from 6 PM SL time tonight until 6 PM SL time tomorrow! Click here to go to the *Just BECAUSE* store!

*Discontinued items are not part of this sale

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today would have been Release Day Wednesday,,,,

Well, today would have been Release Day Wednesday, but unfortunately my computer graphics card has decided to go goofy on me and I am unable to get pics of the new outfits. :( BUT I am keeping with schedule anyway, as if I have a fully functional computer while I wait for my new graphics card. :) This way when I do get my graphics card you will be able to see a bunch of new outfits! So get ready for them! In the meantime I am going to describe what would have been released so you aren't left completely in the dark about them, and you will know what will be coming. :)

Today I would have released my new outfit called Tattered. I made a men's version AND a women's version.  They are now sitting in my inventory waiting. I can't wait for you to see these!

The Men's Tattered outfit is exactly what the name implies. The clothing is in tatters! The white T-shirt is tattered and torn, showing a lot of skin across the back and chest. (Bet the ladies will love seeing hints of your bare chest, men! ;) ) The collar of the T-shirt is torn and ragged, and the edges of the prim sleeves are ragged as well. The heavily distressed black jeans are torn to shreds. For anyone who likes the torn look but wants to be more modest the outfit comes with a black tank top to wear under the torn T-shirt..

The Women's Tattered outfit is quite similar to the men's version except the tattered T-shirt is a midriff. All of the edges of the T-shirt are torn and ragged, including the prim sleeves. The jeans are heavily distressed and torn up too. The women's Tattered outfit comes with a black bikini top for anyone who wants some modesty. Very sexy and fun!

Let's cross our fingers that I will be able to get a new graphics card soon! I know you will love this fun outfit and I can't wait to get it out there and available for you! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Computer problems

I've barely gotten my feet wet with *Just BECAUSE* and now I am having computer problems. Apparently my graphics card is all goofy and the only way to fix it is to buy a new graphics card, but along with that purchase is having to buy a new power supply in order for the new graphics card to work. I can use the computer, but the graphics are all screwy, which means getting pics of new outfits is not going to happen. My screen images are all distorted. This means Release Day Wednesday is going to come and go without a new release. :( I am going to continue creating clothing though. I can work past the distortion, even though it is driving me crazy! LOL! It's harder but can be done. So once I get my system back up and running to allow for pics I should have several outfits to debut! That's a good thing anyway. :)

I am very frustrated over all of this. I have to wait until I get enough linden dollars to pay for this then wait for Linden Labs to process my linden dollars which takes a week, and then another week from Paypal over to my bank account. I'm looking at a month if I can't find the money a different way. :( I was planning on having an event featuring Debi Latte sing early December, but I don't see how that's going to happen now. How can I have a Grand Opening event without new clothing???

So in the mean time I will just work on new outfits. We will focus on the positive and not let it get us down! I can still create clothing and when I am able to debut them you will have a lot of neat new clothing to look over! I will continue to update the blog on the progress and describe the new outfits as I go. :)

This week is Thanksgiving! And regardless of my computer problems I have a lot to be thankful for. :) I have a family who loves me, and my husband is alive and healthy. That is worth far more than a new graphics card and power supply. :) And just because I have to wait to fix my computer doesn't mean it is the end of things. It's just a pause and then I will be back debuting new outfits! Stick with me and I will keep all of you updated on what is going on. Who knows, maybe Santa will be nice to me this year and give me an early Christmas present! LOL!

Frustrated but still thankful,
Annie Melson

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another great review!

This is so exciting! I had another great review, this time by Shayariel Teardrop. Check it out here at her Shay and the SL Shopping Gang blog! Thanks so much, Shayariel! It was a fantastic blog and post!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello all! The last two times I have released a new outfit it has been on a Saturday, and Saturdays are supposed to be one of my off days, so I am going to set a certain day for future releases so I don't get stuck having to work on my weekend. :) I've decided to go with Wednesday being my New Release day. This will give me the weekend to take a break from the design, come back on Monday and see it with fresh eyes, and tweak things if I see something needs tweaking. If this schedule doesn't work so well, I will adjust it, but I think this will work. I am keeping up with my One Outfit a Week schedule and I just wanted to make it work smoother and give me back my weekends! LOL! So starting this coming Wednesday I will begin this new schedule! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

The Fly for women reviewed on awkwardNerd Blog!

So cool! Blur Mannequin featured one of my outfits - The Fly - on her blog, "awkwardNerd"! You can see the post here! Thanks so much, Blur! It was awesome!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Have Your Pic Showcased in the *Just BECAUSE* store!

Have your pic showcased in the *Just BECAUSE* store! Yup, you can have a picture of you in my store with your name and the name of the clothing you are wearing! Show off your favorite *Just BECAUSE* fashion in your favorite new clothing store!

It's very easy to have your photo displayed in the *Just BECAUSE* store. Just wear your favorite *Just BECAUSE* fashion, pose in an ultra cool pose, and get a snapshot of it! Send me the texture of your photo (full perms please so I can put your pic in the store!) and it just might end up being displayed in the store! It's that simple! I will notify you when your pic is up on the wall.

Now for some little details:
1.) The pics can only have the new *Just BECAUSE* clothing line featured. No discontinued items in your pic will be accepted.

2.) This is for both men and women. The men's pics will be displayed in the men's section and the women's pics will be displayed in the women's section.

3.) I will also accept group pics! Just make sure to send me the names of everyone in your pic so I can credit all of you. :) And if you take a pic with both men and women in it I will still use it and place it in the store. :)

4.) Please make the pics look professional! Please understand that this is for use inside of a business and a professional appearance is a must.

5.) NO NUDITY! Under no circumstances can I accept pics with nudity. The sim my store is on is a PG rated sim and I must abide by the rules of the sim. Thank you for understanding.

6.) Please keep it clean. No overt sexual poses please. Again, this is a PG rated sim and I must abide by the rules of the sim.

7.) Please send me high resolution pics. Nothing less than 1024 x 1024 resolution will be accepted, otherwise I will end up with pics on the wall that will be blurry.

8.) Please send your photo as a full perm texture in a folder named "Have Your Pic in the *Just BECAUSE* Store!" along with a notecard with your name, or if you send me a pic of a group, put all of their names on the notecard. Again, I have to stress to send me full perm textures of your pic! If they aren't full perm I won't be able to put them up in the store and that would be a shame. :(

9.) If you are a photographer, you can take part in this as well! I will not only put your name on the pic, but I will also put your business on it! Free advertising for you! If you would like I can also put a notecard in the pic that will give out your information and an LM. :)

Thanks for taking part of the fun! I really look forward to the pics you will send me! And just in case you need the SLURL to the store, here it is!

P.S. If you want to have this information in a notecard in your inventory in world, just go to my store and click on the signs with this pic and it will give you the notecard with this information on it!

Annie Melson
owner of *Just BECAUSE*

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Release - Influence for women!

Two words - Sexy Elegance! That's what describes this new ladies outfit. Highly detailed and realistic with options characteristic with what *Just BECAUSE* is known for! It's like having 4 outfits in one! High quality without the high price!

Shirt in jacket and shirt layers, cropped and full, in red and black, tucked and untucked.
Detailed dress slacks in grey and black.
Sculpted Cowl Neck in red and black.
Sculpted sleeve cuffs in red and black.
Cuffed prim pant bottoms in grey and black.
Slouchy prim pant bottoms in grey and black.
Smooth prim pant bottoms in grey and black.

SLURL to the *Just BECAUSE* store -

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Release - "The Fly" Hoodie and Jean outfit!

*Just BECAUSE* wants to introduce a new clothing release called "The Fly" in both men and women versions! This is a super casual hoodie and jeans outfit with so many options you will be giddy! This outfit sports the high detail that *Just BECAUSE* is known for, and it will have all of your friends jealous and wanting to know where you bought it. Come be the first to own this new outfit!
Includes: shirt and jacket layers for both Hoodie and T-Shirt, highly detailed black jeans, sculpted hoodie, sculpted hoodie sleeves, prim t-shirt sleeves, and boot-cut, slouchy, and cuffed jean pant bottoms.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The newest *Just BECAUSE* styles available in Second Life!

Diverse (men's)

Diverse (Women's)

League (red) (men's)

League (red) (women's)

League (slate) (men's)

League (slate) (women's)

Sophistication Gown in five colors!

Diana Gown in 5 colors!

I am trying to figure out how to add these photos and center them correctly, so please have patience with me as I figure that out. It is frustrating me that it's not doing what I want it to do so it is time to let it go and work on it later. Stupid blog :P LOL! Anyway, I am making new clothing to add here and in the store, so stay tuned! I plan on a new outfit a week so this blog and my store will be updated quite fast!

Excited to finally be in business!
Annie Melson

*Just BECAUSE* is finally open in-world!!!!

Yes, I finally have my new clothing up and for sale finally in world and *Just BECAUSE* is officially OPEN!!! (Doing the happy dance!! :D ) Come check out the store and see the new highly detailed clothing for both men and women!

Click here to visit the *Just BECAUSE* store in world!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Problem Solved!

I'm back on track now! I searched online and found how to fix my problem with shape/skin/clothing not downloading, leaving me in a perpetual orange Ruthie state or continual happy misty cloud. It's an annoying problem going around right now and unfortunately the fix is not permanent. Who knows how long I will have to keep doing this for each time I log back on in order to keep everything loading properly. I hope Linden Labs fixes this thing soon. But this is how to force the clothing/shape/skin to download so you can use Second Life: Create a new folder. Place basic clothing in the folder and keep it handy. Then go to the pie menu on your AV and click Detach All. Everything will be removed so you'll not want to do this is a public high traffic area. Remember, others can see you perfectly fine (I had a friend take a pic while I had this problem and I was showing up like normal to her) so be careful not to flash anyone unintentionally! LOL! Then right click on your new folder and click Add all or whatever it says for you to add all of the contents at the same time. At once my AV loaded and I saw it again. If it doesn't for you right away like mine, then click the Rebake Textures in your Advanced settings (Ctrl,alt,D) and it should rezz up for you.

So now I am back in business! I can get back to creating clothing again and getting pics of them so I can get them out for all of you to enjoy! This is fantastic because I was starting to get worried that something was seriously wrong on my end and I had no fix for it, which would mean I'd have to forget having a store in world. But thank goodness that wasn't the case and things can go along as planned!

On a side note, but also sort of pertaining to this situation, I want to share a little trick that was passed on to me by a kind lady named Davina who I chatted with yesterday. She told me how to rid myself of seeing misty clouds wandering around SL and it is a very simple thing to do and it works! I don't see anyone as a cloud anymore. It didn't fix my own problem with seeing myself as a cloud or Ruthie (I had to do the above) but now I don't see other people as clouds which is pretty nice! Go to your Advanced settings (ctrl,alt,D). Click on Debug Settings. A little box will pop up at the bottom of your screen. There will be a search box with an arrow. Click the arrow and scroll down to REBAKEUNLOADEDAVATAR. Then switch the setting from False to TRUE. X out. Voila! No more misty cloud avatars floating around. :)

Now back to my store! I have a lot of work left to do but now I am shooting for a November 1st Opening date! There won't be many of my new clothing (thanks to my week of Ruthiness) but I am going to get it open anyway. New clothes will continually be put up. Also I'm going to start putting pics of the new clothes up here for you to see, whether the store is open yet or not, so you can see what will be available right away! And I will be uploading pics of each new outfit here as they come! This blog will be your go to for what is going on with the store. :)

Feeling more like myself,
Annie Melson

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Supersonic SL Time Lapse, then HALT!

Wow! Things are moving along FAST! I had forgotten the speed at which SL runs - supersonic. I've gotten the store all built now. All that is missing are some new pics for it. But that's what brings me to the stalling halt part. For some reason my avatar clothing is not loading. For the past two days SL is telling me that my clothing is still downloading. Others will see me as normal but I can't while the clothing is downloading. Everyone has seen that message before, but it doesn't take too long before the clothes are downloaded and you can go on your happy way. Mine however are NOT loading, not even in the least. I'm continually a happy little white mist floating around. And when I hit the Rebake Texture button I then turn into Ruthie (the default shape) who is a solid orange color. And from what I can see, she is naked. No clothes are downloading! So this is a cause for great frustration. I can't make more clothing because the AV never loads, and I can't get pics because the AV never loads. So SL's supersonic speed has come to a crashing halt.

I wish I could figure out what the problem is. Is it a setting I need to adjust? Or is SL having some major issues? If SL is coughing it better take some cough syrup because I can't work with it acting like this. If it is a setting, does anyone have any ideas??? HELP! lol!

In the mean time I can still finish up on the store (which is what has kept me busy and not worried too much over the downloading clothing problem). I still have to get all of the old items up and for sale (in the upstairs of the store). And once Ruthie let's Annie be herself again I'll be able to get pics of the new clothing and put those up too. So I'm not completely stalled, but I'm definitely coming to the end of what I can do. Cross your fingers for me, or give me a shout with some ideas if you have any! :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Land Bought - CHECK! :D

Well, I'm ahead of schedule as far as the land buying goes. Went far faster than I anticipated but I'm not arguing. :) Last night I bought the land and then logged off so there is nothing there yet. I'll keep you abreast of the progress as it goes. Usually my weekends are off but today for a bit I plan on doing a few things, try to put up something, even if it is only a wall or two! LOL! I'm still sticking to my November 8th launching date, but don't be surprised if it ends up coming much much sooner. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Group Created in world!

There is now a *Just BECAUSE* group in world! Keep up to date with new outfits, coming events, news, and even Bonus items for members! Simply go to my profile in world and click on the group listed in my group listings. Joining is FREE! So head online now and join! :D

Tentative Launching Date!

I have set a goal to have *Just BECAUSE* launched and in-world this coming November 8th! As long as everything goes right I hope to make this goal an actual reality. If it happens sooner, then BONUS! :D But if it comes later I won't sweat over it. I do know one thing however - *Just BECAUSE* will be in world before Thanksgiving. So start planning for it!

I am now officially making it known that I am coming back. I have put it in my SL profile and changes will soon be made to my Marketplace as well. One step at a time, but everything is coming along quite well. :) I have also made good progress on another outfit. If I don't get to the 10 outfits goal I'm not going to lose sleep over that. I am going to open with whatever I have ready because I am going to keep on making clothing without breaks until I have a good inventory built up. So what is the point of just sitting on my items while I keep making more? I might as well get it out there for you to enjoy and you can look forward to new designs that will hopefully come along weekly!

Another exciting piece of news is that I am working on getting some land. I have narrowed down a few places that I like. By November 1st I plan to have purchased some land and then build the store, getting it prepared for the grand opening. Lots of stuff going on for sure!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Working on Men's clothing too!

I have been working on creating some men's clothing too! Yup, *Just BECAUSE* will also be catering to the awesome men in Second Life. I mean, shoot! Men can't look shoddy next to the beautiful women in SL now, can they?? Nooooo! So I'm also working on that as well. So if you happen to stumble across this blog, let the men know too! It's a store for everyone. :)

I am staying organized and working steadily on the preparations. Once everything off the grid is in place I will finally be bringing it in world! But we all have to have some patience as this process goes along. I want to open it NOW but that would be putting the cart before the horse and I don't want to do that. But *Just BECAUSE* is forming and solidifying quite well, and I am pleased with the process so far.

Thanks for sticking it out with me so far! I am thinking of a goal date for the launch of *Just BECAUSE*. Stay tuned!

Talk soon!,
Annie Melson

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Preparation for *Just Because*!

Here starts a whole new adventure! I'm preparing to open a brand new store in Second Life featuring highly detailed quality clothing called Just Because! But there is a history here that I feel should be shared:

I started back in Second Life October 25, 2007. I used to have a furniture and clothing store there named Repose and it did quite well, but then due to personal reasons I care not get in to in real life I had to close my store in August of 2009. I left SL, and have been gone for over a year now. It has been a very hard year, but  going much better now and we pray that it continues to be good. In April, 2010 I decided to put my old furniture and clothing on the SL Marketplace for next to nothing just so people could enjoy them.

Now that brings us to just recently. I have begun to get the itch to create things again so I started to play around in Photoshop. I've created 3 new outfits as of now and have begun the process of opening a new store in SL again. I came up with the name Just Because for no other reason than I wanted to start making clothing again "just because" it was fun and enjoyable. Pretty novel, huh??? Not very inventive but the name stuck! LOL! But think about it: what other reason does one need??? And what better reason than "just because" to buy some highly detailed quality clothing too??? I can't think of a better reason than that, can you? :)

So now I am preparing for the launch of Just Because! I plan on having at least 10 new outfits done before I launch so I've created this blog, a Twitter, and a Facebook account in order to keep you updated and to then continue with new clothing updates as time goes on. Once I launch Just Because I plan on creating a new outfit at least once every week and you'll be able to see it's debut here!

So here's to a new chapter of my Second Life! I hope you will stick around and enjoy the ride with me. :)

Until later,
Annie Melson

P.S. When I finally open my store in world I will still offer my old items from Repose and they will continue to be the next to nothing prices that they are now. They will be my discontinued items. But this means I won't be able to refund the items or be able to offer help with scripting issues. That was my old chapter in life and I don't want to go back to that one. I'd much rather focus on my new Chapter and look forward! I'm sure you won't begrudge me on that. But at those super low prices it is worth it! :)

P.P.S. Oh, also note that I am done creating furniture. I've had enough with scripts to last me to a Third Life! LOL!