Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time for Learning...

I'm going to start the process of taking *Just BECAUSE* to a whole new level, and that is by having my own components along with my own clothing textures. As you already know, all of my clothing textures are hand painted. They are completely my own, and I'm very proud of that fact. I don't use pre-made clothing as templates and alter someone else's clothing. Because of this I don't have to worry about infringing on copyright on another creator's creations and I can truly call them my own designs. But now I want to be able to say the same for the components I use along with my clothing. I have been buying other creator's scrulpted prim maps (which by the way are awesome and I truly appreciate the creator's art!), but now I want all of my attached sculpted prims to be my own design as well.

I have been wanting to learn how to make my own sculpted prims for a long time now. I've had Blender on my computer for several months and every day I think to myself that I need to take some time to learn how to use it, but I always have so many other things needing to be done. However, I'm not going to put it off any longer. I'm putting myself in "school" and I'm going to learn how to use this program!

I don't know how long this will take me to learn, but I imagine it will take me some time. I've got a whole student lesson plan downloaded with about 85 videos and it's going to take some time going through those. I'm going to continue working on outfits while I learn, but the outfits will probably be slow in releasing because of this.

I tell you all of this so you don't worry that I'm not creating. I'm definitely still creating, but when a person takes a business to a whole new level it slows things down a bit, but only for a short time. The outcome will definitely be worth the wait though!

So wish me luck as I learn how to use this program! I'm nervous about the whole thing, but I'm also determined. Still..... I would appreciate people cheering me on to help me stick it out! I know I'm going to need the encouragement. :)

Annie Melson

P.S. On a side note, my future sculpted prim designs will not be sold to the public. They are strictly for my own use. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cough, cough! Sniff, sniff!

Ugh... Yeah, you guessed it - I have a cold! It's not been fun, and it has slowed me down in my work. Not to mention the fact that my RL is incredibly busy right now too. Trying to get back into the swing of things, but it is an adjustment with everything going on in RL. HOWEVER!! A new group gift is now available at *Just BECAUSE*! A tank top with *JB* Style! So come on over and pick yours up today! :D

I've been working on a men's summer outfit. It's slow goings but I really hope it will be worth the wait! I think it will be! :)

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Oooooo! Sexy! ;D

This is a new sign that has been put up in the *Just BECAUSE* store! I had a lot of fun creating this photo! I'll be making a few more of these to put in the store in the near future. This was just way too much fun! :D I hope you like it!

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Last Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Kaeko Freenote and Luther Podlum for being *Just BECAUSE* photo contest winners! They each received 500L and have their photos displayed in the store. :) 

Kaeko and Luther and now the last Photo Contest winners. At this time we are putting a hold on the monthly photo contest mainly because all of the posters have been filled and we've run out of room! :D It has been such a fun contest and I thank all of those who submitted!  We are going to roll out a new form of contest in the future. So just stay tuned for more information on that when the time comes. :)

Terk and I have been doing a lot of thinking and talking, and we have decided to change things up a bit. :) *Just BECAUSE* will be getting a bit of a facelift! To all of those who love the store building's look - NO WORRIES! :D The store appearance and style won't change that much! We are going to play with some of the set ups to make them more user friendly. The changes will take place over time, kind of like an evolving process, so you might see something new every time you come to the store.

Another big change is that we are going topless (removing the second floor) of the *Just BECAUSE* store to stream line the look. This will occur at the beginning of next month sometime. So don't be alarmed when you see us "topless." LOL! :D

One thing that WON'T change is the fashion you have come to know, love, and expect with *Just BECAUSE*! :)

Annie Melson and Terk Sak
creator and owners of *Just BECAUSE*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer is here!

The melodies of Spring may have slipped into songs of summer but the new Melody dress has just blown into *Just BECAUSE* and it is perfect for summer!  This is a light, multi-colored skirt with a light sexy tank top with fantastic accessories! Come into *Just BECAUSE* and add Melody to your wardrobe and heart! :D 

Tank top in all layers
Skirt pants in long and short skirt version and layers
Flexi prim short skirt
Flexi prim long skirt
Prim beaded necklace (with and without pendent)
Prim beaded waistband

You may have noticed the different appearance to the poster compared to the old ones. That's because *Just BECAUSE* is getting a facelift! Slowly over the next couple of months we will be changing the store, making it more streamlined and user friendly. :)

Also remember that at the *Just BECAUSE* store in world you are able to choose which permissions you want, too! You can choose this outfit in Copy/Mod or in Mod/Transfer, so you can buy for yourself or for that special person in your life! Gift boxes are available to make your gift giving all the easier. :)

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