Monday, November 22, 2010

Computer problems

I've barely gotten my feet wet with *Just BECAUSE* and now I am having computer problems. Apparently my graphics card is all goofy and the only way to fix it is to buy a new graphics card, but along with that purchase is having to buy a new power supply in order for the new graphics card to work. I can use the computer, but the graphics are all screwy, which means getting pics of new outfits is not going to happen. My screen images are all distorted. This means Release Day Wednesday is going to come and go without a new release. :( I am going to continue creating clothing though. I can work past the distortion, even though it is driving me crazy! LOL! It's harder but can be done. So once I get my system back up and running to allow for pics I should have several outfits to debut! That's a good thing anyway. :)

I am very frustrated over all of this. I have to wait until I get enough linden dollars to pay for this then wait for Linden Labs to process my linden dollars which takes a week, and then another week from Paypal over to my bank account. I'm looking at a month if I can't find the money a different way. :( I was planning on having an event featuring Debi Latte sing early December, but I don't see how that's going to happen now. How can I have a Grand Opening event without new clothing???

So in the mean time I will just work on new outfits. We will focus on the positive and not let it get us down! I can still create clothing and when I am able to debut them you will have a lot of neat new clothing to look over! I will continue to update the blog on the progress and describe the new outfits as I go. :)

This week is Thanksgiving! And regardless of my computer problems I have a lot to be thankful for. :) I have a family who loves me, and my husband is alive and healthy. That is worth far more than a new graphics card and power supply. :) And just because I have to wait to fix my computer doesn't mean it is the end of things. It's just a pause and then I will be back debuting new outfits! Stick with me and I will keep all of you updated on what is going on. Who knows, maybe Santa will be nice to me this year and give me an early Christmas present! LOL!

Frustrated but still thankful,
Annie Melson

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