Thursday, April 24, 2014

Full Permission Fitted Mesh Sloan Tank Top

I simply had to make this cute top to go with the skinny pants I previously made! It goes together PERFECTLY. I love the lace bodice with the ruffle bottom. It just simply screams sexy sophistication. :)

***This is 100% Fitted Mesh! You will need a Fitted Mesh Enabled Viewer to see this outfit correctly! ***

**Please be aware that there is a known SL server side bug that is affecting a small amount of SL residents that makes Fitted Mesh look defected. This bug has nothing to do with the fitted mesh creator, and there is nothing the fitted mesh creator can do to fix this. If you encounter this bug some residents have had the issue resolved by doing a CLEAN UNINSTALL with a fresh REINSTALL of the Fitted Mesh viewer. And as always TRY A DEMO FIRST to see if this happens to you! Thank you.**

Check out this video to understand what Fitted Mesh is:

***ALWAYS TRY THE DEMO BEFORE PURCHASING*** Because this is full permission there are no refunds or exchanges. Thank you for understanding.

This shirt is rigged as Fitted Mesh, meaning the mesh should fit to whatever shape you are and can be altered by adjusting your shape sliders. Alpha layers are still needed for fitted mesh just as any other rigged mesh because the shape of the mesh is a more natural shape than the default SL avatar.


Full Package Includes:
PSD Download Link
2 Fitted Mesh Models
UV & AO Maps
45 Diffuse Textures - 15 for each face
Specular & Normal (bump) Maps
Alpha & Alpha Textures

100% ORIGINAL rigged mesh created by Annie Melson. Do NOT buy this item from anyone other than Annie Melson, otherwise you are buying fraudulent items!


1.) The purchasing avatar of this product has the right to use it within Second Life ONLY. Distribution or selling of any part of this product anywhere other than Second Life or on other websites is against the Terms of Service and will result in legal action.

2.) ONLY the purchasing avatar has the rights to use this product. You may not distribute any part of this product to other avatars (including alts) or other persons, whether in Second Life or in Real Life. If you want an alt selling products created using this template, then the alt must purchase it.

3.) No part of your resulting creation using this product can be sold or resold with full permissions. Acceptable permissions are as follows:
   a.) Copy/ Mod/ No Transfer
   b.) Copy/ No Mod/ No Transfer
   c.) No Copy/ No Mod/ Transfer
   d.) No Copy/ Mod/ Transfer

4.) NO part or modified part of this product (the mesh, textures, alphas, UV Maps, Shadow Maps, TGA or PSD files, or any other part of this product) can be sold, given, or distributed in any way as full permission.

5.) If you have a version containing DAE files, those DAE files will not be re-distributed, sold, or given to any other person or avatar, within any virtual world or in the real world. The DAE files are for your own non-full perm use and creations within Second Life ONLY.

6.) NO part of this product or your resulting product using these templates can be sold in affiliate packs, franchise, reseller, or business in a box.

7.) You are permitted to use the clothing you made from this template as a group gift or hunt gift AS LONG AS YOU CREATE YOUR OWN TEXTURES to use on this template and the permissions are set according to Term #3. This is an advertisement for you and your skills. Not using your own textures does not showcase your skills, which is what these types of gifts are all about. Be proud of your gifts as a creator! :)

8.) To ensure that everyone has a fair chance with this template, you must sell your products made from this template for no less than 50L on SL Marketplace.



Thursday, April 17, 2014


Here's a little sneak peak of what is soon to be released full perm with materials! Keep an eye out! :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

*Just BECAUSE* is back at this year's Menswear Fashion Week!

*Just BECAUSE* is proud to participate in another year at the amazing Menswear Fashion Week! Menswear Fashion Week 2014 is sure to be another incredible year, and I am thrilled to have been asked to participate again.

Menswear Fashion Week 2014 Press Release

Hello Everyone,

Siren Productions, Culture Magazine, FUSION Magazine, KMADD Moda, ModeLS Magazine, SL Live Radio, and Versus Magazine welcome you to Menswear Fashion Week 2014 April 25th-May 3rd, 2014! It has been an amazing 5 years and we are still going strong! Menswear Fashion Week 2014 is going to be another exciting year full of fashion, parties, and new releases for the fashionable men of Second Life. MWFW 2014 is moving up to the big apple this year as we draw inspiration from New York City!

We are bringing you the brightest and best of Mens Fashion in Second Life! We are so proud to have so many wonderful designers back with us this year including Xiaj, Gabirel, Countdown, Akeruka, Clef De Peau, Dynasty, Vitamen, Aitui, Riaxik, and Zibska to name a small few. Every year it is our amazing luck to welcome so many brand new designers to the Menswear Fashion Week family including Atelier m+, Contraption, Zed Sensations, Bravura! Homme, amd N1CO. We cover everything from hair and skins right down to shoes and accessories!

There are many exciting shows planned for the entire week of events. We will be visiting New York New York, Jetting off to the future, and visiting several locations around the world. We have special events planned with SL Live Radio kicking off the opening on the 25th of April and ModeLS Magazine closing the event on the 3rd of May. These are two parties you will not want to miss out on. Make sure to check out the website as we develop more details about the parties and calender. You can find info at well we will be working to raise funds for this years RFL! We are working on several ideas for raising funds for this worthy cause and are so happy to be part of the RFL Teams!

If that is not enough there will be tons of new sensational clothing for the fashionable man about Second Life! Each and every designer is debuting fabulous new releases at the event! Some are even debuting entirely new collections. This will be the first place to see them and purchase them! Get them while they are hot and fresh!

We hope to see you all at Menswear Fashion Week 2014!

Yours Truly,
Lexie Jansma & Roman Godde
Siren Productions Owners