Wednesday, December 18, 2013

STORE WIDE Christmas Sale at *Just BECAUSE*!!

We at *Just BECAUSE* want to wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season full of love, friendship, and laughter. We also want to give you the gift of SAVINGS!

We are having a 30% STORE WIDE Christmas Sale now until the end of the month! 

This Sale also includes Gift Cards! Save big money while giving the very best gift to all of the special people in your life! Or gift yourself with HUGE SAVINGS on all of the fashions you love! And the best part?? You will earn store credit with each purchase, so you will be saving even MORE money!

***Sale is only available at the *Just BECAUSE* inworld store. Sale ends December 31st at 9pm SL time.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas has come to *Just BECAUSE*!

Christmas has come to *Just BECAUSE*! I love this time of year. Winter is probably my favorite season. I love the snow covered pines and the snow blanketed ground. I love snow!! :D

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Annie's Sewing Room 12/11/2013

Annie's Sewing Room is another way of saying Here's What I'm Working on Right Now! :D

I have been kind of Missing in Action lately, but Real Life got very rough for me the past month. I have a very close family and our family suffered quite the blow with the death of one of my aunts. We all took it pretty hard, and I honestly don't think it has fully set in yet, though we are all feeling very blessed to have known her and had her in our lives, knowing she is in a much happier and better place now.

I've been working slowly since the start of December, but have finally gotten back to my regular schedule this past week. This has been a long awaited collection that I've been promising for awhile. I'm glad to finally be able to get it going and keep to my word! I'm praying that nothing else comes up to derail my progress. :)

I think it's time to think about bringing some sunshine back into our days! Hopefully it can help brighten my days right now too! :) It's a July in Christmas kind of thing instead of Christmas in July! Hee hee! This is an untouched work in progress shot with no textures, sizes, etc yet. Things are subject to change. And of course, since this is going to be a collection, there will be more styles to be made! I'm planning on no less than 3 tops and 2 bottoms to choose from for this wonderful swimsuit collection - The Splash Collection for Women. Coming soon! :)

On a side note - and please take note of this!! - Linden Lab has announced that they are discontinuing the Deformer Mesh Project and going with adding more Collision Bones, called the Fitted Mesh Project, which I honestly think is the best solution. This shouldn't break previously made mesh - either standard sizes or my Elastic Mesh (also known as Liquid Mesh). I will be watching this project very closely, and I look forward to it being implemented. Because of this I am halting the creation of more Elastic Mesh until I see further work being done in this department. I will be making this new collection in The Standard Sizes as those will not be effected in the least by this new project. And while my Elastic Mesh won't be broken by this new project, it will just have limitations once the new Fitted Mesh Project is implemented and I don't want to mess with the backlash of people not understanding the difference. Click here if you are interested in learning more about the Fitted Mesh Project.