Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today would have been Release Day Wednesday,,,,

Well, today would have been Release Day Wednesday, but unfortunately my computer graphics card has decided to go goofy on me and I am unable to get pics of the new outfits. :( BUT I am keeping with schedule anyway, as if I have a fully functional computer while I wait for my new graphics card. :) This way when I do get my graphics card you will be able to see a bunch of new outfits! So get ready for them! In the meantime I am going to describe what would have been released so you aren't left completely in the dark about them, and you will know what will be coming. :)

Today I would have released my new outfit called Tattered. I made a men's version AND a women's version.  They are now sitting in my inventory waiting. I can't wait for you to see these!

The Men's Tattered outfit is exactly what the name implies. The clothing is in tatters! The white T-shirt is tattered and torn, showing a lot of skin across the back and chest. (Bet the ladies will love seeing hints of your bare chest, men! ;) ) The collar of the T-shirt is torn and ragged, and the edges of the prim sleeves are ragged as well. The heavily distressed black jeans are torn to shreds. For anyone who likes the torn look but wants to be more modest the outfit comes with a black tank top to wear under the torn T-shirt..

The Women's Tattered outfit is quite similar to the men's version except the tattered T-shirt is a midriff. All of the edges of the T-shirt are torn and ragged, including the prim sleeves. The jeans are heavily distressed and torn up too. The women's Tattered outfit comes with a black bikini top for anyone who wants some modesty. Very sexy and fun!

Let's cross our fingers that I will be able to get a new graphics card soon! I know you will love this fun outfit and I can't wait to get it out there and available for you! :)

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