Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Does it Take So Long to Make an Outfit???

 I've been asked this question a couple times over the past 9 months since I opened *Just BECAUSE.* It's really a great question, and each time I have answered it I always think I should write a blog entry on it so everyone can know.  So here I am finally doing just that! :D

I know a lot of designers use shortcuts to help speed the process along, and I do have a few I use, but for the most part I really enjoy making clothing from scratch. I literally paint each article of clothing in Photoshop. I don't use pre-made templates or clothing created by other people. Nor do I use pre-made photoshop brushes for the creases and wrinkles. I hand paint them all. Each little detail, crease, highlight, and shadow is hand painted by me. Each style is created completely by me. This takes quite some time, especially since I strive to make the most realistic outfit I can. Not to mention I then have to create my own textures to fit on each sculpted piece just right. As you can imagine, this can be quite time consuming! And very very soon I will also begin making my own sculpted prims too. That will tack on even more time spent creating.

Not only is my time in Photoshop quite extensive, but I also have to take care of the store and everything that entails. I talk to bloggers, hunt organizers, mall owners, singers and organizations for events, as well as customers who might encounter a problem. Terk handles a lot of these, thank goodness, but I do end up having about half contact me instead of going to him like my profile asks them to. This in turn eats up a lot of my time that I should be spending in Photoshop. Then there's time updating this blog, facebook, and twitter.

My clothing business in Second Life and Avination is my actual real life work, so I work a fairly regular working schedule. When my work day is done, I am done until the next morning, and I take my weekends off too. But when I'm working, I am doing just that - working. I don't laze around or wander around in world. I will talk to people when I encounter them, but for the most part I am quite alone and working in Photoshop, even when I'm online. I know... sounds incredibly boring, doesn't it?? LOL! But I enjoy it because it is art, and I love art! :)

So that is why it takes me some time to create outfits. It's not a glamorous explanation or reason, but it is what it is. It's real and it's authentic. And now you know what I've been up to all this time. But now my fun time writing is over. Time for my workday to end! Take care and enjoy your second life or avination life! :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Established" for Women!

I'm so pleased with the wonderful reaction I've had with the men's version of "Established" and I'm very excited to bring it out as a women's version too!

Just like the men's "Established" now the women can show just how confident and independant she really is - a woman who knows who she is and what she wants! Strong and sexy!

The detailed and finely crafted leather jacket feels and looks about as real as you can get, you will swear you can hear the leather creak! The organic textures of the jeans and shirt are a wonderful blend for the leather jacket.

Leather jacket with Sculpted sleeves, coat bottom, and collar
Black button down shirt in all layers with Sculpted rolled sleeves and collar
*JB* Original Brown Jeans with Sculpted pant bottom prims - relaxed and cuffed
Sculpted prim Dark brown belt

You can buy this outfit on the Marketplace!

Also remember that at the *Just BECAUSE* store in world you are able to choose which permissions you want, too! You can choose this outfit in Copy/Mod or in Mod/Transfer, so you can buy for yourself or for that special person in your life! Gift boxes are available to make your gift giving all the easier. :)

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Skin by League