Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun 50% OFF Sale Hunt at *Just BECAUSE*!!!

I simply can't do everything right now, no matter how much I think I might resemble Wonder Woman.... (I KNOW you just visualized that!! LOL!) SO anyway, that being said, I've got to put SL on the back burner until next week. Some very important things have come up in RL that is preventing me from working to my best abilities and I definitely need to take care of RL. I'll still take care of any issues that may arise while I'm busy in RL. Don't worry, I won't leave you all hanging! :)

So for the time being I’ve made a fun hunting sale for you to enjoy during my crazy RL week! 10 Random FULL outfits have been put to HALF PRICE!!  5 womens and 5 mens outfits!

THEY ARE NOT LABELED so you will have to hunt for them!!

So wish me luck with RL and look forward to a new outfit released next week for you awesome guys out there! Peace! :D

Annie Melson
*Just BECAUSE* Owner