Monday, January 20, 2014

Semi-Exclusive WHAT??? ;)

I'm trying something new! Something I've never done before because there is just something a bit exciting and challenging about it, and I'm all about excitement and challenge! (Okay, I can already hear all of the people banging on my door asking about the women's Splash Swimsuit Collection! LOL! Don't worry, they will be coming out shortly! I've not forgotten about that and am very excited to release it!)

But, for now, back to this blog post! :D

Over the past 3 years I have gotten countless requests for my clothing to be made available Full Perm. And to be very honest, I've always been dead set against it. I hate a market that is overrun with the same clothing. It's against my very fiber. BUT, that was all before mesh came out. 

It's not a secret, I LOVE MAKING MESH! So much so that when an RL friend asked me if I could make her something in mesh, I didn't say no. In fact, I got excited about it! I started it right away.

This got me thinking... am I missing out on something here? Maybe there's so much more I could do and offer people. I don't know where this will go. Will I make more and add to this Full Perm line, or will this end up being the absolutely ONLY Full Perm mesh I ever make? I don't know. I just know that I want to try it and see what happens. :)

So here is my first Full Perm mesh - offered as a Semi-Exclusive! There are only 16 being sold!

**PLEASE NOTE that this is ONLY available on the Marketplace!**

This one-piece men's jumpsuit has 3 faces, which enable you to use it in multiple different ways, giving you many options for different uses. This mesh is perfect for racing jumpsuits, work coveralls, slacks with zipped up jacket, jeans with zipped up shirt, pajamas, whatever your creativity envisions. You'll be able to use this one mesh to create all kinds of different things to sell, giving you greater sales potential!
Full Package Includes: 
PSD & DAE Download Link 
5 Meshes in Standard Sizes 
UV & AO Maps 
36 Diffuse Textures (12 per face) 
Specular & Normal (bump) Maps (1 each for all 3 faces) 
Alpha & Alpha Textures