Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Have Your Pic Showcased in the *Just BECAUSE* store!

Have your pic showcased in the *Just BECAUSE* store! Yup, you can have a picture of you in my store with your name and the name of the clothing you are wearing! Show off your favorite *Just BECAUSE* fashion in your favorite new clothing store!

It's very easy to have your photo displayed in the *Just BECAUSE* store. Just wear your favorite *Just BECAUSE* fashion, pose in an ultra cool pose, and get a snapshot of it! Send me the texture of your photo (full perms please so I can put your pic in the store!) and it just might end up being displayed in the store! It's that simple! I will notify you when your pic is up on the wall.

Now for some little details:
1.) The pics can only have the new *Just BECAUSE* clothing line featured. No discontinued items in your pic will be accepted.

2.) This is for both men and women. The men's pics will be displayed in the men's section and the women's pics will be displayed in the women's section.

3.) I will also accept group pics! Just make sure to send me the names of everyone in your pic so I can credit all of you. :) And if you take a pic with both men and women in it I will still use it and place it in the store. :)

4.) Please make the pics look professional! Please understand that this is for use inside of a business and a professional appearance is a must.

5.) NO NUDITY! Under no circumstances can I accept pics with nudity. The sim my store is on is a PG rated sim and I must abide by the rules of the sim. Thank you for understanding.

6.) Please keep it clean. No overt sexual poses please. Again, this is a PG rated sim and I must abide by the rules of the sim.

7.) Please send me high resolution pics. Nothing less than 1024 x 1024 resolution will be accepted, otherwise I will end up with pics on the wall that will be blurry.

8.) Please send your photo as a full perm texture in a folder named "Have Your Pic in the *Just BECAUSE* Store!" along with a notecard with your name, or if you send me a pic of a group, put all of their names on the notecard. Again, I have to stress to send me full perm textures of your pic! If they aren't full perm I won't be able to put them up in the store and that would be a shame. :(

9.) If you are a photographer, you can take part in this as well! I will not only put your name on the pic, but I will also put your business on it! Free advertising for you! If you would like I can also put a notecard in the pic that will give out your information and an LM. :)

Thanks for taking part of the fun! I really look forward to the pics you will send me! And just in case you need the SLURL to the store, here it is! http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Warwick/145/35/25

P.S. If you want to have this information in a notecard in your inventory in world, just go to my store and click on the signs with this pic and it will give you the notecard with this information on it!

Annie Melson
owner of *Just BECAUSE*

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