Saturday, March 7, 2015

*Just BECAUSE* Boutique - Splash Collection - NOW for MAITREYA LARA & BELLEZA VENUS BODIES

Due to a high demand in wanting my mesh bikinis fit for Maitreya Lara mesh body, I have listened and made them! I also combined all standard sizes, Belleza Venus versions, and Maitreya Lara versions into one now. I hope you enjoy them!

This collection is 100% rigged mesh and is ORIGINAL mesh! No templates were used to make these items!

***Each piece in this beautiful collection is sold SEPARATELY so you can MIX & MATCH to create your own unique look.***

*** PLEASE NOTE!!! THIS NOW CONTAINS 5 STANDARD SIZES and CUSTOM MADE FOR THE BELLEZA VENUS & MAITREYA LARA MESH BODY VERSIONS!! However, understand that the Maitreya Version is experimental only as the files for this body have not been released yet. I have been asked to make versions to fit Maitreya and have fitted them by eye. PLEASE Demo before you buy!!



And with these priced the way they are you can easily create a whole swimsuit collection, cute bra/panties ensemble, or create and add to your rockabilly wardrobe!
The Women's Splash Collection comes in 3 different bikini top styles and 2 different bikini bottom styles to choose from - Bandeau top, Halter top, Ruffle top, High waisted bottoms, and Classic bikini bottoms, and each of these styles comes in 10 different colors and designs! You are sure to find exactly what suits your style!

All items in this collection are Materials ready!

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