Monday, December 22, 2014

FULL PERM Template at *Just BECAUSE* - Long Unisex Cloaks!

I have been asked more times than I can count to make my Unisex Cloaks in a long floor length version. For almost a year now. The requests never stopped coming in so I finally made them and also included Specular and Normal maps. I hope they are well received and enjoyed by many! :)

These cloaks are Unisex and are made as Elastic Mesh - a technology to help better form
fit to your avatar (much like liquid mesh)! While there are limitations to Elastic Mesh, *Just BECAUSE* makes sure to offer several sizes to better fit more avatars. Please read the Elastic Mesh FAQs which is included in this pack to learn more.

***PLEASE NOTE that mesh cloaks are very difficult to rig with arms, otherwise it loses the necessary look and flow that cloaks are known for. It would stretch the cloak in ways that are completely unnatural. SL has many limitations with mesh, and this is just one of them. Creators have to do the best they can to work around these limitations. This cloak MUST be worn with the alpha to mask the arms so the cloak moves as intended. ALWAYS demo before you buy and try it! Thank you for understanding. :)

Full Package Includes:
PSD Download Link
3 Elastic Mesh Models
UV & AO Maps
Specular & Normal Maps
4 Diffuse Textures
Alpha & Alpha Textures

100% ORIGINAL rigged mesh created by Annie Melson. Do NOT buy this item from anyone other than Annie Melson, otherwise you are buying fraudulent items!


1.) The purchasing avatar of this product has the right to use it within Second Life ONLY. Distribution or selling of any part of this product anywhere other than Second Life or on other websites is against the Terms of Service and will result in legal action.

2.) ONLY the purchasing avatar has the rights to use this product. You may not distribute any part of this product to other avatars (including alts) or other persons, whether in Second Life or in Real Life. If you want an alt selling products created using this template, then the alt must purchase it.

3.) No part of your resulting creation using this product can be sold or resold with full permissions. Acceptable permissions are as follows:
   a.) Copy/ Mod/ No Transfer
   b.) Copy/ No Mod/ No Transfer
   c.) No Copy/ No Mod/ Transfer
   d.) No Copy/ Mod/ Transfer

4.) NO part or modified part of this product (the mesh, textures, alphas, UV Maps, Shadow Maps, TGA or PSD files, or any other part of this product) can be sold, given, or distributed in any way as full permission.

5.) If you have a version containing DAE files, those DAE files will not be re-distributed, sold, or given to any other person or avatar, within any virtual world or in the real world. The DAE files are for your own non-full perm use and creations within Second Life ONLY.

6.) NO part of this product or your resulting product using these templates can be sold in affiliate packs, franchise, reseller, or business in a box.

7.) You are permitted to use the clothing you made from this template as a group gift or hunt gift AS LONG AS YOU CREATE YOUR OWN TEXTURES to use on this template and the permissions are set according to Term #3. This is an advertisement for you and your skills. Not using your own textures does not showcase your skills, which is what these types of gifts are all about. Be proud of your gifts as a creator! :)

8.) To ensure that everyone has a fair chance with this template, you must sell your products made from this template for no less than 50L on SL Marketplace.



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