Friday, March 23, 2012

Menswear Fashion Week 2012 Schedule of Events!

Here is the schedule of events that we've all been waiting for! I have highlighted when *Just BECAUSE* clothing will be featured. Be sure to come out and see the special new men's outfit I made specifically for this event! Check it out! It's now running and open! :D

SLURL to the Fashion Show location
SLURL to the MWFA 2012 Shop Locations (only place to buy the new items until the event is over)

Menswear Fashion Week 2012 Schedule of Events!

FRIDAY March, 23rd. 2012
11am-12pm Egoisme Fashion Show
3pm-4pm SL Zenith Fashion, Faster Pussycat, Eclipse, Birth, Dura Fashion Show
6pm-7pm SL L'enfant Terrible Fashion Show
7pm-9pm SL Siren Productions Gothic Fairytale Opening Party

SATURDAY March 24th, 2012
10am-11am SL Viktor/Viktoria Fashion Show
11am-1pm SL AVENUE Opening Party
2pm-3pm SL Aleida Fashion Show
5pm-6pm SL Zanzo, Philo, Prodigal Fashion Show

SUNDAY March 25th, 2012
11am-12pm SL PeKa's Design Fashion Show
3pm-4pm SL Emma's Design, Prince Magic, Ohio Kilts, Jarythe's Barber Shop Fashion Show
6pm-7pm SL Starchild Designs Fashion Show

MONDAY March 26th, 2012
2pm-3pm SL Vitamen, Splendeurs, Lazybum, Akeruka, Shag Fashion Show
5pm-6pm SL KMADD Underwear Fashion Show
6pm-8pm SL KMADD Industry Party

TUESDAY March 27th, 2012
11am-12pm SL [sYs] Fashion Show
3pm-4pm SL Mashookas, FA Creations, Signature Skins Fashion Show
6pm-7pm SL Toritire Clothiers, Chinese Take-Out, JFL Men's Wear, D.N.A Fashion Show

WEDNESDAY March 28th, 2012
10am-11am SL Gabriel Fashion Show
11am-1pm SL Secondnight Knight of the Round Table Party
2pm-3pm SL Halcali, Artemis, EMO-Tions, Lavie Fashion Show
5-6pm SL Havok, Yasum Designs, Akeyo, Vaya Con Dios Fashion Show

THURSDAY March 29th, 2012
11am-12pm SL Mortality Clothing, PXDTOXIC Fashion Show
6pm-7pm SL Rfyre & EMO-tions Fashion Show
7pm-9pm SL Maniera Industry Party

FRIDAY March 30th, 2012
10am-11am SL Upper Eschelon Fashion Show
2pm-3pm SL Gizza Creations Fashion Show
5pm-6pm SL Ladies Who Lunch, Tableu Vivant Fashion Show
6pm-8pm SL Inworlds Industry Party

SATURDAY March 31st, 2012
10am-11am Cheerno Homme Fashion Show
11am-1pm SL ICONically Sexy Zodiac Party
1pm-2pm SL Face of MWFW 2012 Runway Competition
7pm-8pm SL Just BECAUSE Clothing, Redgraves, SF Designs, Jeepers Shoes for Men Fashion Show
8-10pm SL HARAJUKU SET Party @ MWFW 2012

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