Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tentative Launching Date!

I have set a goal to have *Just BECAUSE* launched and in-world this coming November 8th! As long as everything goes right I hope to make this goal an actual reality. If it happens sooner, then BONUS! :D But if it comes later I won't sweat over it. I do know one thing however - *Just BECAUSE* will be in world before Thanksgiving. So start planning for it!

I am now officially making it known that I am coming back. I have put it in my SL profile and changes will soon be made to my Marketplace as well. One step at a time, but everything is coming along quite well. :) I have also made good progress on another outfit. If I don't get to the 10 outfits goal I'm not going to lose sleep over that. I am going to open with whatever I have ready because I am going to keep on making clothing without breaks until I have a good inventory built up. So what is the point of just sitting on my items while I keep making more? I might as well get it out there for you to enjoy and you can look forward to new designs that will hopefully come along weekly!

Another exciting piece of news is that I am working on getting some land. I have narrowed down a few places that I like. By November 1st I plan to have purchased some land and then build the store, getting it prepared for the grand opening. Lots of stuff going on for sure!

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