Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Supersonic SL Time Lapse, then HALT!

Wow! Things are moving along FAST! I had forgotten the speed at which SL runs - supersonic. I've gotten the store all built now. All that is missing are some new pics for it. But that's what brings me to the stalling halt part. For some reason my avatar clothing is not loading. For the past two days SL is telling me that my clothing is still downloading. Others will see me as normal but I can't while the clothing is downloading. Everyone has seen that message before, but it doesn't take too long before the clothes are downloaded and you can go on your happy way. Mine however are NOT loading, not even in the least. I'm continually a happy little white mist floating around. And when I hit the Rebake Texture button I then turn into Ruthie (the default shape) who is a solid orange color. And from what I can see, she is naked. No clothes are downloading! So this is a cause for great frustration. I can't make more clothing because the AV never loads, and I can't get pics because the AV never loads. So SL's supersonic speed has come to a crashing halt.

I wish I could figure out what the problem is. Is it a setting I need to adjust? Or is SL having some major issues? If SL is coughing it better take some cough syrup because I can't work with it acting like this. If it is a setting, does anyone have any ideas??? HELP! lol!

In the mean time I can still finish up on the store (which is what has kept me busy and not worried too much over the downloading clothing problem). I still have to get all of the old items up and for sale (in the upstairs of the store). And once Ruthie let's Annie be herself again I'll be able to get pics of the new clothing and put those up too. So I'm not completely stalled, but I'm definitely coming to the end of what I can do. Cross your fingers for me, or give me a shout with some ideas if you have any! :)

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