Friday, October 29, 2010

Problem Solved!

I'm back on track now! I searched online and found how to fix my problem with shape/skin/clothing not downloading, leaving me in a perpetual orange Ruthie state or continual happy misty cloud. It's an annoying problem going around right now and unfortunately the fix is not permanent. Who knows how long I will have to keep doing this for each time I log back on in order to keep everything loading properly. I hope Linden Labs fixes this thing soon. But this is how to force the clothing/shape/skin to download so you can use Second Life: Create a new folder. Place basic clothing in the folder and keep it handy. Then go to the pie menu on your AV and click Detach All. Everything will be removed so you'll not want to do this is a public high traffic area. Remember, others can see you perfectly fine (I had a friend take a pic while I had this problem and I was showing up like normal to her) so be careful not to flash anyone unintentionally! LOL! Then right click on your new folder and click Add all or whatever it says for you to add all of the contents at the same time. At once my AV loaded and I saw it again. If it doesn't for you right away like mine, then click the Rebake Textures in your Advanced settings (Ctrl,alt,D) and it should rezz up for you.

So now I am back in business! I can get back to creating clothing again and getting pics of them so I can get them out for all of you to enjoy! This is fantastic because I was starting to get worried that something was seriously wrong on my end and I had no fix for it, which would mean I'd have to forget having a store in world. But thank goodness that wasn't the case and things can go along as planned!

On a side note, but also sort of pertaining to this situation, I want to share a little trick that was passed on to me by a kind lady named Davina who I chatted with yesterday. She told me how to rid myself of seeing misty clouds wandering around SL and it is a very simple thing to do and it works! I don't see anyone as a cloud anymore. It didn't fix my own problem with seeing myself as a cloud or Ruthie (I had to do the above) but now I don't see other people as clouds which is pretty nice! Go to your Advanced settings (ctrl,alt,D). Click on Debug Settings. A little box will pop up at the bottom of your screen. There will be a search box with an arrow. Click the arrow and scroll down to REBAKEUNLOADEDAVATAR. Then switch the setting from False to TRUE. X out. Voila! No more misty cloud avatars floating around. :)

Now back to my store! I have a lot of work left to do but now I am shooting for a November 1st Opening date! There won't be many of my new clothing (thanks to my week of Ruthiness) but I am going to get it open anyway. New clothes will continually be put up. Also I'm going to start putting pics of the new clothes up here for you to see, whether the store is open yet or not, so you can see what will be available right away! And I will be uploading pics of each new outfit here as they come! This blog will be your go to for what is going on with the store. :)

Feeling more like myself,
Annie Melson

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