Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Expansion! Woot!!

*Just BECAUSE* is now also in Avination, another virtual world like Second Life! It's so cool to expand to other worlds and offer the same quality clothes for their residents as I do in SL. 

I share a sim with another clothing designer - Athene Forder with Goddess Apparel. She is my next door neighbor in Second Life, but she's also a good friend of mine in RL, so it's just natural we'd share a sim in Avination too! :D We are creating the sim to be a New England style sim, complete with rental shops and perhaps even residential homes along the coastline. My store is up and running and fully open, but I'm still working on the rest of my sim area. Building, building, building! :D

So come on over and visit our Avination store!

*Just BECAUSE* Avination SLURL --

See you around in SL and AVN! :D
Annie Melson

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