Friday, December 10, 2010

Ba Hum Bug! (but not at Christmas)

Frustration abounds. It looks like the new graphics card won't work in my system. :( So now I'm having to contact the people who I bought it from and see if we can make an exchange...or something! I don't know what to do. I am however going to just deal with things the way they are, stretched screen or not, because It's now been a month with no new clothing put in the store. This will simply NOT do. If I can ever get this fixed I'll just have to redo those pics for those items. Who knows? Maybe it won't look so bad anyway and I won't have to change them out. So I'm a bit frustrated and grumpy. And I say a Ba Hum Bug to computers! And in the spirit of Garfield the Cat, I think whoever develops these silly computers and the absurdity of computer parts ought to be taken out back and shot! :P LOL!
P.S. I found this picture of Garfield on the web AFTER I wrote my little rant. Too funny!! It's perfect!

Frustrated and ornery but still with a stitch of humor left,

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