Saturday, December 11, 2010

3 New Releases!

So regardless of my stretched screen images I am postings these anyway. I don't know if they will look off or not. I tried to compensate for the distortion, but since I can't really see the finished outcome from anyone else's screens there is no way for me to know if I succeeded or only just made it worse LOL! I'll have to rely on your response for that. :) So please let me know how it turned out!

*Casual Affluence* is an ultra cool Sport Coat and Jeans outfit. This outfit comes with so many options that you can create several outfits out of it, mix and match with other outfits in your inventory, go more casual, or have a more business casual look. You men won't want to miss out on this outfit. It's perfect for clubbing, business, and everything in between! This outfit would make a perfect gift for any man in your life!

*Tattered (men's)* is a torn and tattered outfit for those who want to go grunge or just have a little fun! A torn and tattered T-shirt with prim sleeves can be worn with a black tank top underneath or without for a sexy look! The black jeans are very detailed with a bunch of tears, rips, and shreds.

*Tattered (women's)* is much like the men's Tattered version, but much more feminine! The torn and shredded T-shirt is a midriff and comes with a black bikini top that can be worn with or without the torn T-shirt over it, giving this outfit more versitility! The destroyed jeans top the look off!

So come on down to *Just BECAUSE* and see the quality for yourself! Remember that all of my outfits are Transferable so you can give them as gifts! And if you go to my store in world there are also gift boxes and bags available to make it that much easier for you. The boxes are quite special because they have a script in it that allows you to give a message to anyone who clicks it! :)

SLURL for the *Just BECAUSE* store -

NOW FOR SOME GOOD NEWS!! The company I bought the graphics card from is sending me a much better graphics card that is more expensive and will work for my system and I don't have to pay any extra for it!! Talk about awesome customer service! So everything is all good! The card was mailed out yesterday so I should get it next week sometime. :)


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