Thursday, November 6, 2014

*Just BECAUSE* Redesigned!!

*Just BECAUSE* has been redesigned to have TWO (2) buildings for easier shopping! In the past I have included my Full Permission templates in the same building in their own rooms, splitting the women's and the men's. I've never liked this layout. I've always wanted the Full Perm templates to have their own space. Now they do!

Nothing has changed inside the original *JB* store! I've just added another building that is only accessible from the outside. The landmark has NOT moved. You land where you always have before, but now you can choose which store you wish to shop - the Boutique or the Full Perm. The Boutique is the original building to the left. The Full Perm is now on the right. All full perm templates have been moved to the Full Perm building.

Now enjoy a nicer shopping experience without ever wondering if you are buying boutique clothing or full perm templates! We at *Just BECAUSE* hope that you like this new but simple change. :)


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