Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elastic Mesh Cloaks!

It's that time of year to walk through the crisp air and what better way to do that but with a nice warm cloak! Perfect for wandering around town, taking a brisk walk through the woods, role play, or to add to a Halloween costume!

This collection is 100% rigged mesh and is ORIGINAL mesh! No templates were used in this item!

These cloaks are Unisex and are made as Elastic Mesh - a new technology to help better form fit to your avatar (much like liquid mesh)! While there are limitations to Elastic Mesh, *Just BECAUSE* makes sure to offer several sizes to better fit more avatars. Please read the Elastic Mesh FAQs which is included in this pack to learn more.

***PLEASE NOTE that while these cloaks do give you a very cool look, there are limitations with this cloak! In order to keep the cloak looking like it was flowing properly I had to hide the arms with an alpha layer. Also the cloak doesn't move entirely with the legs, otherwise the cloak would look disjointed. This is why it is priced far cheaper than my regular items.

***This is 100% Mesh! You will need a Mesh Enabled Viewer to see this outfit correctly! ***

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