Saturday, April 20, 2013

*Just BECAUSE* in Menswear Fashion Week 2013!

Whew!!! I made it and survived!!! After nearly 3 months of very long 12 hour days and several weeks without taking a day off, I've made an entire new Spring/Summer men's collection debuting at Menswear Fashion Week 2013! I made 122 different items to choose from in this collection! Insane, right??? It was hard work, but I think it is all worth it. The resulting twitching may stop after a few weeks... we'll see.... LOL! ;)

Menswear Fashion Week 2013 has started yesterday and continues for a whole week, and *Just BECAUSE* is one of the solo shows being featured there! I've made an entire collection of mesh clothing for you men out there, inspired by a Modern Gatsby theme. These pictures are just a sampling of these clothes, and they come in so many color choices to choose from! Everything from mesh jeans and slacks, to casual button down shirts and suit coats and vests.

This amazing mesh collection has everything a man could ever want! It's an entire wardrobe! Perfect for the classy sophisticated man who wants something to wear around town, or for that special evening out with the person he loves. Each piece is highly detailed with realistic folds and creases, and you are sure to gain the attention of the crowd!

Whether for Role Play or for the every day modern man, this collection is sure to please and sure to fit your every need! The Modern Gatsby Collection is first being released at Menswear Fashion Week 2013 at their sim.

SLURL for the Menswear Fashion Week 2013

When you land at the landing point and step off the landing platform, turn left and *Just BECAUSE* is straight ahead with the entire new collection displayed for you! Enjoy the other wonderful men's clothing shops around *Just BECAUSE* and make sure you make a point to come see the *Just BECAUSE* Fashion Show!

*Just BECAUSE* has it's own solo fashion show featuring this new collection and some old favorites too Sunday, April 21st at 6pm SL time at the Menswear Fashion Week 2013 sim. Be sure to be there! You won't want to miss it! The team at MWFW do an incredible job and it's an amazing experience! I'm sooo excited!!!  :)

SLURL for the Menswear Fashion Week 2013

After the Menswear Fashion Week is over, you will then be able to buy the new Modern Gatsby Men's Collection at the *Just BECAUSE* store inworld, and on the Marketplace. I will post it here when that happens so you can come to the store too! :)

Until then, have fun and be the first to own the new Modern Gatsby Men's Collection now out at Menswear Fashion Week 2013!!!

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