Friday, February 8, 2013

I made my First Rigged MESH!!!

"Gabby" is a new collection of MESH modern Gatsby inspired dresses in 10 different colors - spring and summer colors and darker vivid primary colors. Perfect for a day at the office or an evening party, or just for running around town! You are sure to find a color that suits your style!


The Gabby dress is a special mesh dress - for 2 big reasons!

First - It's my very first handmade mesh clothing! Yup, I'm super duper proud of myself here! So for this reason I am having this dress at a special low price so all of you can celebrate with me! *does the happy dance!*

Second - I made this mesh is the 5 Standard Sizes, but I ALSO made this dress in the new FORM FITTING MESH! *dances the happy dance even more!*

The *Just BECAUSE* Form Fitting Mesh contained in this folder is a deforming mesh, which means it is a mesh that form fits to your avatar's shape. Unlike the Standard Size Mesh, this means that you can go into Edit > Edit Appearance > Shape and move all of the shape sliders (not just the bones) and the mesh will fit to the form you put it at!

***NOTE: You still have to wear the alpha layer with the Form Fitting Mesh!***

Deforming mesh can only be viewed currently on these Client Viewers:

Niran's Viewer (2.0.5 or Later):

SnowStorm 1716 (Linden Labs Project Viewer):

As of right now (February 2013) only people using the viewers listed above can see the deforming mesh correctly. On any other viewer they will see the mesh clothing, but it will look as if they are wearing the wrong size. They won't be able to see the deforming abilities.

Linden Labs is working on integrating deforming mesh into their future viewer releases, which means that 3rd party viewers will then be able to integrate it into their viewers as well.

We at *Just BECAUSE* hope you enjoy trying out this new deforming mesh!

***This outfit has Mesh! You will need a Mesh Enabled Viewer to see this outfit correctly! ***

*** Rigged Mesh items are COPY or TRANSFER Permissions ONLY, depending on which permissions you chose from the store. They are not able to be modified because they are rigged. ***

Remember that at the *Just BECAUSE* store in world you are able to choose which permissions you want, too! You can choose this outfit in Copy or in Transfer, so you can buy for yourself or for that special person in your life.



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