Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LOTS Going On! New Stuff and NEWS!

A lot is going on at *Just BECAUSE* right now! But first, the latest  -

*Just BECAUSE* is starting a new process of offering separates of the new outfits being released! We've started this process with the latest "Shawn" outfit. You can now buy the entire outfit OR buy just the few items that you like from that outfit! This will change your whole shopping experience at *Just BECAUSE*! You'll still have the choice of permissions that you have always enjoyed, but now you get the choice of what piece of clothing you wish to buy as well!

Buy it inworld!

Next on the order of things to announce -

You may have noticed that *Just BECAUSE* has another new team member. I'd like to introduce you to my cool assistant, Dakota Xavorin! He begged me to let him come on board (like on his hands and knees...pleading "PLEASE let me work for you!" Why yes, yes he did.... Don't let him tell you otherwise! ;P Hahaha! Just kidding!) to help with anything I may need help with to free up more of my time so I can focus on creating clothes. AND to be able to create more awesome group gifts for all of you too! See? Now you REALLY love him, don't you?? ;D He's been my right hand man for sending notices, handling customer service, helping with hunts and special events and sales, and getting the word out. He's one awesome Dude! Feel free to IM, notecard, email, and follow him on facebook!

And now onto some more cool news!

I'm working on remodeling the *Just BECAUSE* store to help accommodate for the new process of having more separates available! And since I'm remodeling I might as well give *Just BECAUSE* a new face lift as well, right? Why, yes, yes I will! :D So in the next coming days I will be working on the store. I will not close the store down or make a new build. I'll just work on the current one. So I do apologize in advance for the coming mess that will ensue. BUT it shouldn't be so bad that shopping will be hindered. I'm a clean mess maker anyway! LOL!

Also, a special day is coming! *Just BECAUSE* will be celebrating it's 2nd birthday this coming November 1st! Crazy how it has been 2 years already! Time flies when you're having this much fun! Anyway, to celebrate this special occasion I am making a super special group gift for all of my loyal group members! This one is going to be awesome! Woot!

Speaking of group gifts, I have to bring up the fact that to join the *Just BECAUSE* group in world you will have to pay a very low price of 50L. This will not affect current group members at all, BUT if you leave the group and want to get back in you will have to pay the joining fee. So make sure you don't leave the group! This small cost to you will be all worth it though, considering how many awesome free gifts you will get. As I said above, I plan on making more now that I'll have more time to create! (Thank you again, Dakota!)

Last item of news that you'll all want to know -

*Just BECAUSE* will be participating in the upcoming WomenSTUFF hunt! It starts November 3rd! That's right.... another way to get a free gift from *Just BECAUSE*!! I'm very honored and pleased to be involved in this hunt and I know that all of you will love to gather up all of the free items you will find in it!

So all in all, everything is moving along spectacularly! Lots of love and hugs to all of you! You guys ROCK!

Annie Melson
Owner and Designer of *Just BECAUSE*

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