Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Starter Avatar Project in Avination!

*Just BECAUSE* along with Goddess Apparel have participated in a new project in Avination (AVN) to help new people get better acquainted with the new grid - the Starter Avatar Project! This involves creating special freebie outfits, shapes, skin, hair, AOs, etc for those who are 30 days and younger in AVN!

Athene Forder of Goddess Apparel and I at *Just BECAUSE* have put out these cute little Freebie Shacks on our marina for all Newbies to AVN to enjoy!

*Just BECAUSE* in AVN is offering 2 outfits for men  and 2 outfits for women along with a custom made male and female shape to help you get started in Avination. Goddess Apparel is offering 2 men's outfits and 4 women's outfits along with shoes from a shoe maker in AVN.

The sim we are on is surrounded by navigatable water, so boat on over, fly, or simply teleport on over and grab your new FREE items complimentary from us, and make sure to find other locations that are offering free starter items as well. AVN also offers a rent free home for the first month to newbies as well!

Click here to start a new account with Avination and check it out!

And click here for direct teleport to the *Just BECAUSE* and Goddess Apparel stores!

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