Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Introducing my wonderful husband, Terk!

My wonderful RL husband is now joining the forces behind *Just BECAUSE*! With the growth of the store I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with everything and still try to get outfits done in a relatively timely fashion so he has offered to be my manager! I'm so happy that he has come on board to help me! It's wonderful to have something we both work on together. :) So please meet my RL (and SL) husband, Terk Sak! Here is his letter to all of you wonderful people! :)
"HELLLOOOOO" – to quote Jerry Seinfeld :D  -- to all the AWESOME customers of *Just BECAUSE* clothing!!!

My name is Terk Sak – but please just call me Terk!

I am very excited about coming alongside the amazing creative and artistically talented Annie Melson who is the SL clothing designer extraordinaire and creator of  *Just BECAUSE*.

I will be helping her become one of the finest SL clothing lines by HELPING YOU so she can put all that energy into making more AWESOME clothes!! Anything that you need, any problem you have or business related offers related to *Just BECAUSE* I will be there to HELP YOU!

Little about me -- In RL I have been involved with computer and technology for so long I think I was born with a computer in my hand LOL.. I have been in SL for several years and have a lot of SL world experiences. I understand the FUN and the frustrations that we all experience in SL! I know the excitement of finding the right outfit for the right PARTY or special occasion! I know the frustration of paying and not getting what I thought I was getting or not getting it at ALL and then just trying to get help….

WELL that is not going to be the *Just BECAUSE* way – customers are 1st priority!!

If you have a problem or need customer help all you have to do is send me a NOTECARD and you will have an answer with in 72 hours… I do have a RL job :( but we all know that RL should never stop SL (right?) LOL – I will be working various hours though out the day and evening so just send me a notecard and tell me what you need and I will reply ASAP! 

I may need to get some more info or I may express the outcome and fix your problem right then but I will be there to offer help…

We are going to be planning some very cool EVENTS at *Just BECAUSE* store like LIVE CONCERTS – look for trivia nights and… who knows what will come out of my mind!!!

  • PS first one APRIL 18th 6pm SL time with the AMAZING --- Debi Latte…

Remember SL is supposed to be FUN FUN FUN!!! So don’t let little things bug you and remember at *Just BECAUSE* we believe that you are the reason we are HERE!!!!

Looking forward to meeting, and if you have a need, assisting you!!!!

Terk Sak  --- *Just BECAUSE* - Co-Owner and Business Manager

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