Monday, January 17, 2011

New Change of Plans, but for the Better!

I've been busy all day handpainting a new pair of jeans in preparation for my next men's outfit. It has been painstaking, but the results are so cool! I'm doing away with set release days because if I was trying to follow that I would cut corners on what looks to be my best jeans yet, and that would be a tragedy. So I'm going to continue working every day creating clothing for you all to enjoy and look smashing in, but I'm not going to say it HAS to be finished by Wednesday. Don't worry, this won't slow releases - it'll just make them better! :D I'm still striving for a new outfit every week, but I refuse to cut corners and give you second best. You guys deserve the very best, and I like to give you my best. :)
So while there won't be any more Release Day Wednesdays, there will continue to be lots of releases coming your way, and you can expect them to be the best I can give you. I don't think you will be disappointed. Better details, more details, and hyper realistic! I'm dedicated to making you guys look good and to give you my best. :)

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