Blogger Group Application



Thank you for your interest in blogging for *Just BECAUSE*! We truly appreciate the work that bloggers do and look forward to receiving your application. :)

***Understand that FULL PERM items are never sent to the *Just BECAUSE* Bloggers for obvious reasons! The items that sent for blogging are for the Boutique only. Thank you for understanding. :)

Before you fill out the application form (link is below) for the *Just BECAUSE* Blogger Group, please understand the following requirements:

* All blog postings must clearly state what the items are in your post for others to find them with links to the store.

* The blog must be of quality work. If you care about what you do, it shows. :)

* The blog must have a good following and be on several feeds.

* When you blog a *Just BECAUSE* item, you agree to send Annie Melson the link to the blog post just to show that you are active. If you can't blog for a short time, just let us know. We are very understanding and easy going. :) However, if several releases have gone by without being blogged we will assume that you are no longer active and eject you from the group.

* You must tag Annie Melson with the blog post on Facebook or post the link to her page.

* Most importantly - HAVE FUN! SL is meant to be fun, and keeping a blog should be fun. Life is too short, so we require you to have fun! ;)

Please understand that not all applications will be accepted. We get many blogger requests and we simply can't accept them all. We look closely at how active a blogger is, the quality and effort that is put into the blog, and how many feeds and followers a blog has. If you are accepted, we will contact you to let you know and send you an invite to the blog. All new releases will be sent though the group.

Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your application! May the odds ever be in your favor! ;)

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